...a tribute of loving remberance to
a lifelong friend and sister in
Christ...Elodia Chapa...

Beloved Potter of Clay

"Take up thy cross and follow Me."
You heard the Lord of heaven say.
That cross to you was a classroom.
Where you engaged in molding clay.

But ere you molded clay at all,
You sought of God what you should do:
He was your Potter, and He shaped
Your life into a potter, too.

Potter of clay ...of every child
Your dream to mold each to God's will
He only knows the multitudes
That bear the stamp of your love still

Many a child you taught in school
Was drawn to Christ, drawn by your care;
What a grand class you'll meet some day!
With an Eternity to share!

You touched my life. I'll be there, too,
But for a moment now, I cry,
Because I'm human clay, and pained,
That for a season it's "goodbye"

Christ was our key to Heaven's Gate,
And faith unlocked that lovely Door,
He's been our Way, our Truth, and Life,
Just think... with Him Forevermore!

We, left behind, can only guess
What great rejoicing you now know!
But we will join you in a while
When we're through molding clay below.

-Derwood Lane...with Rachel
-December 15, 1986